As of March 2020, our Test Laboratory has been accredited by TÜRKAK for TS EN 17025 standard and has proven its laboratory quality.

Routine Tests Applied to Transformers:

All of our Routine Tests are carried out and reported with TURKAK Accreditation, which is also internationally valid.

  • Measuring winding resistance 

  • Measuring the voltage conversion ratio and checking the voltage vector phase shift 

  • Measurement of short circuit impedance and load loss 

  • Measurement of idle loss and current ... 

  • Dielectric routine tests

- Induced voltage test

- Applied voltage test

Type Tests Applied to Transformers:

  • Lightning Impact Test (with outsourcing) 

  • Measurement of sound levels (TÜRKAK Accredited) 

  • Temperature rise test (TÜRKAK Accredited) 

  • Short circuit mechanical and thermal resistance test (with outsourcing)

Special Tests

  • Zero sequence impedance measurement in three phase transformers 

  • Measurement of harmonics of idle current 

  • Measuring the insulation resistance of the windings against earth and measuring the loss factor of the insulation system capacity 

  • Measuring the insulation resistance of windings against earth and / or measuring the loss factor (loss angle tangent) (tgδ) of the insulation system capacities.