Power Transformers1.jpg

Technicial Specifications

  • Power Range :  All standard and intermediate powers from 2,5 MVA to 25MVA
  • Voltage Range : At all voltage levels 20-36 kV
  • Number of Phase : 1 phase or 3 phase options
  • Tapchanger Type : Idle and on-load tap-changer
  • Cooling Type :  ONAN or ONAF
  • Place of use : In Internal or External areas
  • Lost class :  According to customer requirements
  • Conductor Type : Copper
  • Terminal type : Porcelain insulated, With cable box, With side exit

Structure of Transformer

It is generally designed as Conservator Type.  As cooling elements radiator groups that can be installed and removed are preferred. It is equipped with more protection equipments compared to Distribution Transformers according to usage place and importance.