Special Type Transformers4.jpg

Technicial Specifications

  • Power Range :  All standard and intermediate powers from 25 kVA to 2500 Kva
  • Voltage Range : At all voltage levels 0-36 kV
  • Number of Phase : 1 phase or 3 phase options
  • Tapchanger Type : Idle and on-load tap-changer
  • Cooling Type : ONAN or ONAF
  • Place of use : In Internal or External areas
  • Lost class : According to customer requirements
  • Conductor Type : Aluminum or copper
  • Terminal type : According to customer requirements

Structure of Transformer

We meet special type transformer needs that can meet all new and changing needs of our customers in industry, distribution and all other fields. Our technical team who works by mutual consultation with each customer, listening to all kinds of needs and recommendations, meets the need by projecting it immediately and implementing it.